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Mata Pita Guru Daivam

Mother (mata), who gives birth to the child, comes first. Mother points to father.

Father (pita)comes second. Father and mother nurture the child and provide food, shelter, cultural knowledge and financial security. They identify the teacher to educate the child to become a responsible person with all good qualities.

Teacher (guru) imparts knowledge. The child learns several subjects from many teachers including parents. This goes on at different stages of life. Teachers can be of several types – academic, professional, social, spiritual and so on.

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Satyameva Jayate

Always be on the path of righteousness.  In today’s world, you will frequently come across the corrupt, the greedy, the jealous and the dishonest.  You will also come across those who appear or boast to be successful, with such successes gained through crooked, cunning and wicked means.  They never last.  Let those and similar other bad qualities never influence your thoughts and deeds.

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