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Temple Administration

(Originally published on Nov. 09, 2011)

What is the use of a temple if its spiritual vibrancy is not enhanced day after day through rituals? Have you ever heard someone say about his or her experience, while inside a temple, on positive vibrations?

The act of consecration of Deities in a temple is only the first step towards building a place of worship which will become divine and sanctified over a period of time. This can be compared to giving birth to a baby. Does the responsibility end there? No, it just begins!

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Temple Rituals

(Originally published on May 12, 2010)

GOD is formless (nirguna) but is given forms (saguna) for the sake of our convenience. Each Deity represents a typical form of the One and Only GOD. There are specific characteristics or attributes (visesha gunas) personified in each Deity.

In other words, a Deity is the personification of certain specific characteristics of GOD. The human form attributed to GOD helps one visualize and meditate upon easily, aiding in his/her quest for Self Realization. Deities aid the devotee attain Self Realization through intense devotion or Bhakti Yoga (leading to Jnana Yoga).

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