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Abuse by Priests: Part-1

A Temple is a place of worship.  It is the abode of GOD (at least in a world of Dualism).  It is a revered place wherein anyone and everyone must follow the prescribed code of ethics which are outlined in our Vedic texts.

A place of worship is not the place to exhibit someone’s ego, arrogance & ignorance nor execute a hidden religious agenda which is aimed at upholding a particular sect or belief system and condemning the rest.  These acts defeat the very purpose for which temples are built and consecrated.

The worst thing that can happen to a temple is when these acts are performed by the Temple Priest, who is considered to be a divine interface between GOD and His devotees.

One of the objectives of this blog is to help those in charge of temples to identify and correct such wrong practices which creep in from time to time.

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Temple Priests

(Originally published on May 25, 2010)

A priest is considered to be a divine interface between the Deity (GOD) and the Devotee (believer). Truly speaking, it is not just another job or career. The quality of the interface would determine the fulfillment of daily rituals that are part of the basic functioning of the temple and those rituals conducted on behalf of the devotee and his/her family on specific occasions. When the interface lacks true devotion, the result will be simply nothing. There are no gray areas here. This is how the science behind temples works.

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