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Parithraanaaya Dushtaanaam…

(Originally published on Jul. 05, 2011)

Have you ever wondered why our governments loot the Hundi collection at Hindu temples across India whereas they dare not to touch Churches and Mosques?

Stephen Knapp ( discusses this subject through one of his latest books, Crimes Against India and the Need to Protect its Ancient Vedic Traditions.

For many, this news will be entertaining or interesting; for some, this is just a painful reminder on the lost values of Sanatana Dharma which, in a religious costume, is called Hinduism. There’s nothing new about it. This has been happening for a long time and we, the so-called Hindus, are mute spectators to the govt. atrocities against Temples for several decades.

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Temple Administration

(Originally published on Nov. 09, 2011)

What is the use of a temple if its spiritual vibrancy is not enhanced day after day through rituals? Have you ever heard someone say about his or her experience, while inside a temple, on positive vibrations?

The act of consecration of Deities in a temple is only the first step towards building a place of worship which will become divine and sanctified over a period of time. This can be compared to giving birth to a baby. Does the responsibility end there? No, it just begins!

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