Skanda Hora – Vedic Astrology


Launching on Vijayadasami day (October 18, 2018), Skanda Hora ( for those who want to learn and practice Vedic Astrology in its purest form.

All lessons and discussions will be available in English, Malayalam (മലയാളം) and Tamil (தமிழ்).

The lessons will cover all six parts of Vedic Astrology – Golam, Ganitham, Samhitha, Jatakam, Prasnam and Muhurtham.

There will be extensive coverage of concepts with sanskrit slokas from various Vedic Astorlogy scriptures with examples, quizzes and video lessons.

Searching for GOD?


It’s really simple; Search within.
Search beyond the Senses; You would reach the Mind.
Search beyond your Mind; You would reach the Intellect.
Go beyond your Intellect; You would reach the Ego.
Go beyond your Ego; You would reach your Self.
Realize your Self; Be in it; That’s You!
You become the Eternal Truth called Sanaatana Dharma.
This is beyond religion; This is the Goal of Life.
And, this is the Truth; the One and Only Truth.


Tuning the Violin for Carnatic Music

This lesson briefly explains how to tune the Violin to play South Indian Classical Music, also known as Carnatic Music. This lesson is also applicable to the Viola.

In this demonstration, the strings are tuned as:
  1st String from Right: E (high) - Madhyasthayi Panchamam (Pa)
  2nd String from Right: B (high) - Madhyasthayi Shadjam   (Sa)
  3rd String from Right: E (low)  - Mantrasthayi Panchamam (Pa)
  4th String from Right: B (low)  - Mantrasthayi Shadjam   (Sa)

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Kundagaura Geetham – Step by Step Lesson

This step-by-step lesson briefly explains the Gamakas and their use through the Geetham, “Kundagaura” in Raga Malahari set to Rupaka Talam.

Geetham:    Kundagaura Gaureevara
Composer:   Purandara Dasar
Ragam:      Malahari
            (Janyam of Mayamalavagaula, 15th Janaka Raga)
Arohanam:   S R1 M1 P D1 S
Avarohanam: S D1 P M1 G3 R1 S
Talam:      Rupakam (X X V)

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